Heartland Festival 2017

Music - Art - Talks - Food

Odense International Film Festival is Denmark’s oldest (since 1975), cosiest, most courageous and most adventurous short film festival, hosted every year in August (week 35). Film enthusiasts from all over the world can catch an exceptional selection of Danish and international short films in Odense that would otherwise never reach the big screen.

The festival offers a varied film program, thought-provoking off-screen experiences, debates, workshops, concerts and more. Best of all! Almost everything is free!


Odense International Film Festival (OFF) is Denmark’s international short film festival that work tirelessly all year to support the Danish film-culture – all with great help from the massive support of locals and volunteers from Odense. OFF celebrates the short film format as media and as an art form and, above all, all the creative individuals who put their heart and soul into creating short films.


In the days leading up to the festival, the team behind OFF receive thousands of Danish and international short films, and their carefully selected jury selects the best of the best to be shown during OFF in sessions of five to eight short films. These sessions last up to two hours and for every screening there is always a director or another film expert at the scene to help answer any questions from the audience.


Every year the festival ends with a grand award show with ovations and celebration, where the winners of three competitions are being announced: The International Competition, the Danish Competition and the Animated Competition. Regarding competitions, OFF were in 2013 rewarded a very prestigious title as Denmark’s first Oscar qualifying film festival. This means that they can send winners straight to the pre-jury of the Academy Awards in Hollywood.


OFF is not only about films, but all through the week, all of Odense is filled with events, workshops, music, party, seminars, interesting guests and impressions from all over the world. And film critics, film people, up-coming makers and dreamers are participating. The area around Brandts however is the center, transformed into a magical experience, with Café Biografen (Cinema), Kulturmaskinen, Magasinet and the open-air area of the Amfi Theatre, as main focal points.
Everyone is invited to take part in the festivities. Most of the events and film screenings are free of charge, so you are welcome to just walk in, have a seat and wait for the adventure to start. They do however recommend that you book in advance on-line through their web-page http://www.filmfestival.dk where you can read more about the festival taking place august 28th until september 3rd 2017.