Tinderbox 2017

TEDxOdense takes place April 1 2017 in Odense Teater. The speakers will come with a wide range of topics from robotics, beatboxing and good karma.   

There are two rules: 18 minutes. This is the exactly time every speaker has to present their message and great ideas. In return they may speak about exactly what they are passionate about in field of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).

TEDx emanates from the giant conference TED, where people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Ken Robinson have acted. TEDx is a local initiative. TEDxOdense is local and internationals voices which presents their perspective at the stage in the Odense Teater.

The purpose of TEDx is to inspire and bring new ideas and perspectives into life across demography, ethnicity and backgrounds. Among others this year’s TEDxOdense will be visited by Claus Risager who has more than 25 years experience with robotics. Also Thorsen, the winner of “Denmark has Talent” and three times winner of Danish Beatboxing Championship will be one of the speakers together with the virtual reality expert Sergio Oliveira.

Enjoy the afternoon event from 13:00-18:30 April 1 2017. The languages of the event will be in english.

For more information, tickets and details of the speakers take a look at TEDxOdense’s website.