Heartland Festival 2017

Music - Art - Talks - Food

Enjoy a big ice cream (in Danish “gammeldags isvaffel”) from the popular ice house, feed the ducks, take a look at the swans and let your children have fun at the playgrounds which are based around at the grassland.

Skovsøen and the route around the lake is very popular among the citizens of Odense. All year around you see runners, bikes and pedestrians at the path, and there are plenty of experiences for adults and children.  

Go on a pleasant picnic with your homemade food. There is tables and benches around the lake which you can make use of. If you rather like to sit on the grass enjoying your food bring a blanket and have a cosy time.

If you come by Skovsøen the ice cream (“gammeldags isvaffel”) is a must! But be patient. The queue might be long – especially on a hot summer day.

In the spring and summer there are a lot of activities near the lake – runs, open air cinema, midsummer and reunion for retro cars. Skovsøen is also very popular for the perfect picture, when well-dressed gymnasium students are right on their way for prom at school.  

Right beside Skovsøen Jensens Bøfhus is placed with a very beautiful view. Here you can enjoy a dinner or lunch all year around.

If you take the route from Munke Mose to Skovsøen you will probably notice the boat in the river. This is Odense Åfart (translated Odense River which you also can join.

On your way at the path is Odense Zoo placed. Most of the time you can see the tigers.
So, Skovsøen and the route around it is a wonderful opportunity for cozy experiences!