Heartland Festival 2017

Music - Art - Talks - Food

The latin district (Latinkvarteret) in the center of Odense is humming with creativity, life, culture, art, fashion, design and gastronomy. Every intriguing store, business, café and eatery you need for a great shopping trip or a successful business visit.

The local area is the embodiment of great atmosphere, authenticity and a creative environment with the lake, Aafarten (boates) and great grass areas a short distance away, where a lot of people assemble during spring and summer. Don’t cheat yourself for a trip on the pedal boats or the fairytale waffle from the café – or simply just have a picnic on the grass along with all the others that gather here every day when the weather is good.

In the heart of the latin district is Brandts Klædefabrik – a focal point of culture and dining in the city. The area used to be a clothing factory and the characteristic industrial architecture make the buildings and the area stand out and feel like a city within a city. In Brandts by the Amfi Theater you can catch different exhibitions and collections. See the program here: https://brandts.dk

In the latin district no cars or chain stores are lining the streets. Instead people, outdoor life, high-end specialty stores and cultural activities are represented generously in an area that unites the traditional and the modern. An environment so alive, that it is also home for exciting events and concerts throughout the year.

The latin district stretches from the area around Brandts Klædefabrik and branch out in Vestergade (more cafés and shops), the beginning of Vesterbro (delicatesse shops), Ny Vestergade (galleries) and Søndergade (hair dressers, specialty shops) before it leads to Munke Mose, nature and relaxation.

The latin district has its own association/union that has been around for the last 10 years with the purpose of creating value for the shopkeepers and create awareness of the area and the specialty stores characteristic of the latin district. The association covers Brandts Klædefabrik, west of Vestergade from Brandts Passage to Søndergade, Ny Vestergade and Odense Aafart.

Read more about it here: http://www.latinerkvarteret.com