Enjoy a big ice cream (in Danish “gammeldags isvaffel”) from the popular ice house, feed the ducks, take a look at the swans and let your children have fun at the playgrounds which are based around at the grassland.

ODEON Social

ODEON Social is the new place inside ODEON where you can come by, enjoy food and good company.

ODEON Social is the place where you can have a cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch and communal dinner (read more about that below). Grab your friends and play ping-pong all afternoon.


Heartland Festival 2017 Music - Art - Talks - Food The latin district (Latinkvarteret) in the center of Odense is humming with creativity, life, culture, art, fashion, design and gastronomy. Every intriguing store, business, café and eatery you need for a great...